Book reading can be a hobby, a passion, or even a compulsive habit for many. If you’re a reader, I am sure you spend a lot of time searching for books to read in your free time like me.

In my last blog on habits, I shared how reading books can make a big difference in your confidence and motivation levels.

The other day, I was talking to Pankaj casually and we agreed how books have helped us improve our lives and become more confident than we were before. He even commented on my obsessiveness over book reading as a habit. 😃

That’s when I thought of writing this blog – sharing 5 books to read out of the millions out there in the universe.

All these books have personally helped me in staying motivated, doing more with less time, working for my own self while earning money, and building a great financial discipline – all essential ingredients of living a life full of freedom and confidence.

Here they go:

The Secret

If you haven’t read the secret, I am telling you, you’re missing out on a lot in life, especially, if you struggle with building positivity as a habit.

The book is written by Rhonda Byrne where she shares an amazing tip/hack/secret to get anything you want- a better job, more money or a great relationship.

The book’s main premise is based on the Law of Attraction. Remember the famous dialogue by Shahrukh Khan from Om Shanti Om?

“Agar kisi chiz ko dil se chaho to puuri kaynaat tumhe us chiz se milwane me juut jaati hai”

The dialogue and the theory come from this book. The law of attraction and manifestation has been mentioned time and again by several authors in their self-help books, but this book presents it in a simple way, the one you will be able to relate.

Plus, you’ll find examples from the lives of real ‘The Secret’ practitioners, that will make it easier to grasp how everything works and how you can enjoy abundance in life with The Secret.

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The $100 Startup

This one again is one of my all-time favorites.

If you want to start your own business but don’t have money, you will get ample tips, guides and ways in this book. Think of it as your personal roadmap to start small and grow your business.

The writer, Chris Guillebeau, covers everything from planning to finances, marketing to managing success, and even dealing with failures with the help of real stories.

Plus, every chapter/section ends with key points you can take away with you and start your journey instantly.

I read it about 8 months ago, during the lockdown and liked it from the beginning.

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The Personal MBA

I discovered this book a few years back but got the chance to read it just last year. I regret not reading it earlier.

The author, Josh Kaufman, has gone to lengths in this book to bring the entire MBA course in a single book with this one.

If you’re a businessman or an aspiring entrepreneur and regret not having the money or chance to do an MBA to learn the tricks of the trade, I suggest you pick this book right away. 

The book comments on how MBA is costly and doesn’t really give much value (or gives in a form that can easily be accessed without spending a lot). 

You’ll find almost every aspect of running a business (marketing, sales, finance, HR, time management, value creation, processes, etc.) in this book, in the form of a mental model – you read and understand a model, you can execute it in your business.

I gave this book to a friend, who runs his own eCommerce business and he told me how much he was missing by not thinking about his business in concrete terms – the terms/models mentioned in the book.

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The Richest Man in Babylon

This book was first published in 1926 and even after a century (almost), the timeless lessons in this book are considered ‘personal finance’ commandants by the world.

The book tries to teach simple personal finance principles to help you make more money, manage money, and multiply your earnings. In short, the book would help you grow your bank and become more financially stable and successful.

When I read the book for the first time, I was fascinated by how simple, yet powerful the parables of Babylon were. No wonder, Babylon was one of the most prosperous and successful cities of ancient times.

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The Psychology of Money

“Doing well with money has a little to do with how smart you are and a lot to do with how you behave.”

The author Morgan Housel summed up the entire book in a single sentence himself. And I don’t think I can summarize this book better.

The whole book provides lessons on wealth, greed and happiness, and everything related to it. In short, it tells that you can’t be rich without building the right mindset, first. Through 19 short stories, the book tries to tell how peculiar people’s money habits are.

The book will help you build a mindset towards how to manage, invest and deal with money in a better way.

I just read it recently and thoroughly liked it because of the simplicity and real examples it gives on what to do, and more importantly what not to do with money.

Not a fan of reading books? Listen to The Psychology of Money on Audible

Final Words

I won’t ask you to buy these books and start reading right away. I would rather want that you to build a reading habit for life.

And if you already are a reader, I would love to hear what you think about these books. Hope you liked my reading choices. 😊

And if you’ve already read these, bookmark this page and share it with your friends.

Don’t keep knowledge to yourself. Let them enjoy the sweet fruits of the wisdom pearls in these books.


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